Gadget Boy's Adventures in History

Gadget Boy's Adventures in History

Synopsis of Saturday Morning Show

Young bionic detective Gadet Boy had already graced the small screen once in 1995's Gadget Boy and Heather, but his comic bumblings weren't done yet. The younger version of the hugely popular Inspector Gadget, Gadget Boy was given new life in the "edutainment" series Gadget Boy's Adventures in History in 1998.

With co-agent Heather and their shapeshifting pet dog, G-9, Gadget Boy fought the evil forces of Spydra against the backdrop of world history. In every episode, Spydra's forces had disrupted the course of history, and it was up to Gadget and Heather (okay, usually Heather) to set things right. In the process, historical events came alive for young viewers, who wished that all learning could be this fun.

DIC Entertainment, the producer of Inspector Gadget, joined forces with the National Education Association to produce this 26-episode series, the first of its kind on cable's History Channel. Whether young or old, whether helicoptering around skyscrapers or darting past the columns of Rome's ancient Forum, the Gadget franchise's imaginative characters remained a big hit among kids of the 80's and 90's.

Release History

1/10/98 - 1999 History Channel

TV Sub Categories


TV Studio

DIC Entertainment

Television Cast

Gadget Boy Don Adams
Heather Tara Charendoff
Spydra Louise Vallance
Boris Maurice LaMarche
Dabbble Maurice LaMarche
Humus Maurice LaMarche
Mulch Maurice LaMarche
Stromboli Maurice LaMarche

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