Garfield and Friends

Garfield and Friends

Synopsis of Saturday Morning Show

Following in the footsteps of Peanuts, Jim Davis’ Garfield began as a syndicated newspaper comic strip (1978) before moving on to primetime TV specials and then to a Saturday morning series.

Garfield was an overweight, exceedingly lazy tabby cat who usually became enthusiastic only over the promise of lasagna. He also took great pleasure in irking his dopey owner Jon, vacant-minded dog Odie, and Nermal, the impossibly cute kitten.

Garfield’s sarcastic commentary, expressed through thought bubbles in the paper, were here done via voiceover. Lorenzo Music, previously Carlton the Doorman on the sitcom Rhoda, supplied the cat's superbly deadpan voice.

The "And Friends" portion of the show centered on the characters from another Davis comic strip, the underrated U.S. Acres. Taking place on a farm, the segments featured a menagerie of highly colorful personalities: the leader, Orson, a kindly pig who was often the brunt of the jokes; Sheldon, a baby chicken who refused to hatch all the way, and so remained with all but his legs in the shell; Booker, his brother, who did make it out; Wade, a nervous duck who persistently wore an inflatable tube around his waist; and Roy, the wisecracking rooster.

The show enjoyed a successful seven-year run on CBS, and Garfield continues to be one of the most popular strips in the funny pages.

Release History

09/17/88 - 10/07/95 CBS

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TV Studio

United Media Productions

Television Cast

Garfield Lorenzo Music
Jon Arbuckle Thom Huge
Binky Thom Huge
Roy Thom Huge
Odie Gregg Berger
Orson Gregg Berger
Wade Howard Morris
Sheldon Frank Welker
Booker Frank Welker
Bo Frank Welker
Liz Julie Payne
Lanolin Julie Payne
Nermal Desire Goyette

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