Goldie Gold and Action Jack

Goldie Gold and Action Jack

Synopsis of Saturday Morning Show

At the young age of 18, Goldie Gold became one of the richest people in the world and decided to use some of her immense wealth to publish an investigative newspaper called The Gold Street Journal. Since she owned the paper, she took the liberty of searching out and reporting her own stories.

Goldie recruited the help of a part-time adventurer and intern reporter, "Action" Jack Travis. Each week, Goldie, Jack, and their loyal dog Nugget would take off on a fantastic adventure and eventually return home to deliver the story to their editor, Sam Gritt. At their fingertips were an abundance of gadgets, each of which seemed more impressive than the ones featured in last episode.

Much like Richie Rich, Goldie’s wealth was limitless and often the subject of a joke or a sight gag. Her money, however, was not the focus of the series. Instead, the show concentrated on the adventuresome relationship between Goldie and Jack, who loved being a team, but failed to recognize their feelings for each other.

Perhaps it was its similarity to Richie Rich, who actually preceded Goldie on ABC’s schedule, but Goldie Gold and Action Jack was not well-received by viewers. Despite its clever scripts and sharp animation, the show was cancelled after only one season.

Release History

09/12/81 - 09/18/82 ABC

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Television Cast

Goldie Gold Judy Strangis
Action Jack Sonny Melendrez
Sam Gritt Booker Bradshaw

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