Galaxy High School

Galaxy High School

Synopsis of Saturday Morning Show

Galaxy High School took the bussing issue to a cosmic new level. Based on the asteroid Flotor, the title school was a place of learning for teenagers throughout the Milky Way. The student body was composed of teens from a wide variety of planets, not limited to your usual two-armed, two–legged, one-headed type of being. In fact, every episode seemed to introduce a new character who was stranger than the one preceding it.

The resident earthlings and stars of the show were Doyle Cleverlobe and Aimee Brighttower, two aptly named teens. Other students included a five-mouthed gossipmonger, a blob of oil, and a sophomore class comprised entirely of tomatoes. Add to the mix a contingent of talking lockers and you’ve got one nutty school.

On the exterior, Galaxy High School may have seemed little more than a parade of weird creatures and sight gags, but in reality the show had a very meaningful message. The series presented a world where no one was judged on outer appearance, and where peace and harmony among different cultures were commonplace. Amazingly, this lesson and others were presented in a style that was never preachy or patronizing, even when dealing with such sensitive topics as drug abuse.

One of the high points of the series was the futuristic theme song written and performed by rock musician Don Felder. The voice cast included such luminaries as Howard Morris, Henry Gibson and David L. Lander, who was best known to TV viewers as Squiggy on Laverne & Shirley. Unfortunately, these assets weren't enough to prevent the show's cancellation after only thirteen original episodes.

Release History

9/13/86 - 8/27/88 CBS

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TV Studio

TMS Entertainment

Television Cast

Aimee Brighttower Susan Blu
Doyle Cleverlobe Hal Rayle
Beef Bonk John Stephenson
Biddy McBrain Pat Carroll
Katrina Pat Carroll
Gilda Gossip Nancy Cartwright
Flat Freddy Nancy Cartwright
Earl Eccchhh Gary Christopher
Ollie Oilslick Gino Conforti
Reggie Unicycle Gino Conforti
Wendy Garbo Jennifer Darling
Booey Bubblehead Jennifer Darling
Coach Frogface Pat Fraley
Sludge Pat Fraley
Aimee's Locker Henry Gibson
Doyle's Locker Henry Gibson
The Creep Danny Mann
Rotten Ronald Neilson Ross
Milo De Venus David L. Lander
Prof. MacGreed Howard Morris
Prof. Icenstein Howard Morris
Luigi LaBounci Howard Morris

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