Goof Troop

Goof Troop

Synopsis of Saturday Morning Show

“We're the Goof Troop
Best of friends forever
Now we're calling everyone
Come along and join the fun!”

Disney’s Goof Troop found the world’s silliest talking dog all grown up and rearing a child. Goofy, scatterbrained as always, lived in Spoonerville, where he was raising his 11-year-old son Max. The two lived next door to the narrow-minded Pete, his loving wife Peggy, daughter Pistol, and son P.J., who as good friends with Max.

Episodes usually revolved around the adventures and the mischief Max and P.J. got themselves into, with the hapless Goofy and disgruntled Pete inadvertently getting involved to sort things out. The show balanced these wacky hijinks with social lessons on peer pressure and popularity, and the disagreeable Pete always got his comeuppance one way or another.

Following the pattern set by Darkwing Duck and others, Goof Troop started its run on cable's Disney Channel before moving on to both ABC's Saturday morning lineup and a slot on the two-hour Disney Afternoon block (which also included Darkwing Duck and Tale Spin). Both the network episodes and the syndicated ones were originals, giving kids a healthy helping of goofiness six days a week.

In 1995, Goofy and Max teamed up again for the theatrical film A Goofy Movie, which took the wacky suburbanites on a cross-country road trip. One year later, the series came full circle, as its reruns returned to their original home on the Disney Channel.

Release History

9/12/92 - 9/11/93 ABC
1991 syndicated

TV Sub Categories


TV Studio

ABC, Disney

Television Cast

Goofy Bill Farmer
Max Dana Hill
Pete Jim Cummings
P.J .Rob Paulsen
Peg April Winchell
Pistol Nancy Cartwright
Burly Guy Corey Burton
'How To' Narrator Corey Burton
Melvin Corey Burton
Ringmaster Corey Burton
School Dean Corey Burton
Fenton Sludge Jay Thomas
Waffles Frank Welker
Chainsaw Frank Welker

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