Gilligan's Planet

Gilligan's Planet

Synopsis of Saturday Morning Show

What promised to be a “three hour tour” turned into a franchise spanning three decades. Up first was the primetime, live-action Gilligan's Island, a surprise hit in the mid-60's and a perpetual re-run ever since. While producer Sherwood Schwartz waited for a network go-ahead to start making those now-famous TV movie reunion specials, he brought his "seven stranded castaways" back in animated form in 1974's The New Adventures of Gilligan. The cartoon ran for three seasons before giving way to the aforementioned reunion specials.

The 1982 television season brought a new twist to the castaways' predicament. Somehow, the Professor had managed to assemble a functioning rocketship out of the junk around the island and had launched Gilligan, the Skipper, the millionaire and his wife, the movie star, himself and Mary Ann into the cosmos (This is the part where you all make your jokes about not being able to make a working raft, etc., etc.) Naturally, the mishap-prone islanders cash-landed the ship on an uncharted planet, which at leat had a breathable atmosphere.

The entire cast of the live-action Gilligan's Island provided the voices of their cartoon characters on Gilligan's Planet, with the exception of Tina "Ginger" Louise. Dawn "Mary Ann" Wells took over the animated role, while still providing her own homegrown wholesomeness to the voice of Mary Ann. New blood (color undetermined) came in the form of Bumper, the requisite adorable alien.

With an entire planet to explore, the castaways soon found their old headhunter nemeses replaced by aliens of all shapes, sizes, and dispositions. Alas, the voyage was cut short after only twelve episodes, leaving unanswered the question of whether the Harlem Globetrotters would ever make it out for a visit.

Release History

9/18/82 - 9/3/83 CBS

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TV Studio


Television Cast

Gilligan Bob Denver
The Skipper Alan Hale Jr.
Thurston Howell III Jim Backus
Lovey Howell Natalie Shafer
Ginger Dawn Wells
MaryAnne Dawn Wells
The Professor Russell Johnson
Bumper Unknown

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