G.I. Joe Extreme

G.I. Joe Extreme

Synopsis of Saturday Morning Show

“Surrounded on all sides,
The odds of survival are a million to one…”

Old favorite G.I. Joe got an update for the post-Cold War era in 1995’s G.I. Joe Extreme. No longer were the Joes a large branch of the U.S. Military, and even the “Real American Hero” designation was scrapped. This force still fought for American ideals, but on a smaller scale and with more attitude.

After the collapse of “a superpower,” the world was being menaced by a number of smaller factions. The deadliest was SKAR, a terrorist group headed by Iron Klaw. When Klaw and his minions kidnapped a group of scientists to build an “ultimate weapon,” government operative Mr. Clancy recruited a covert operations team, code named G.I. Joe, to fight back. Lieutenant Stone led the rougher, tougher, more “extreme” team, which consisted of Harpoon, Sgt. Savage, Mayday, Metal Head, Black Dragon, Freight, Quick Stryke, and a few other hand-picked specialists. Lining up on the side of SKAR were Steel Raven, Inferno, and the Skyrenes.

As an introduction to the characters, the first several episodes of G.I. Joe Extreme focused on individual members, whether left alone at the base or sent out on a solo mission. In all, 26 episodes of the show were produced, a far cry from the multiple seasons of G.I. Joe’s cartoon heyday in the mid-80’s. And a nation of Joe fans was left to wonder, where have all the Evil Empires gone?

“The odds are a million to one…”
“And that’s the way we like it!”

Release History

1995 WB

TV Sub Categories


TV Studio

Sunbow, WB

Television Cast

Black Dragon Terry Klassen
Eagle Eye Brian Drummon
Freight Blu Mankuma
Harpoon Francisco Trujillo
Inferno Ian James Corlett
Iron Klaw Richard Newman
Lt. Stone Gary Chalk
Mayday Randall Carpenter
Metal Head Matt Hill
Mr. Clancy Campbell Lane
The President Dale Wilson
Quick Stryke Blu Mankuma
Rampage Colin Murdock
Red Dale Wilson
Sgt. Savage Michael Dobson
Steel Raven Elizabeth Carol Savenkoff
Wreckage Dale Wilson

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