The Gary Coleman Show

The Gary Coleman Show

Synopsis of Saturday Morning Show

In the early 80’s, primetime audiences fell in love with a sitcom called Diff’rent Strokes and its diminutive and oh-so-cute star Gary Coleman. Seeking to capitalize on the young actor's overwhelming popularity, NBC commissioned a Saturday morning cartoon starring the adorable lad.

The Gary Coleman Show was based on the TV movie The Kid with the Broken Halo, which starred Coleman as an apprentice angel trying to earn his wings. In the cartoon, Coleman played Andy LeBeau (his character in the movie) and was on a mission to complete 28 good deeds before entering heaven. Andy was blessed with certain angelic powers, but only when he wore his halo. While trying to fit in with the other kids, LeBeau would conveniently hide the halo in his back pocket, where it could easily be stolen or misplaced. Andy reported to his boss angel, Angelica (get it?), and was constantly in danger of having his plans thwarted by Hornswaggle, who had been sent by the competition.

The animated Andy LeBeau wasn’t nearly as endearing as the real life Gary Coleman, and The Gary Coleman Show gained premature admittance into cartoon heaven after fourteen episodes.

Release History

9/18/82 - 9/10/83 NBC

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TV Studio


Television Cast

Andy LeBeau Gary Coleman
Angelica Jennifer Darling
Hornswaggle Sidney Miller
Spence Calvin Mason
Tina LaShanda Dendy
Bartholomew Jerry Houser
Chris Lauren Anders
Lydia Julie McWhirter Dees
Matt Steve Schatzberg
Haggle Jeff Gordon
Announcer Casey Kasem

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