The Go Go Gophers

The Go Go Gophers

Synopsis of Saturday Morning Show

A somewhat progressive cartoon, this Underdog spin-off centered on two Native American gophers who fought to keep their territory in Fort Gopher. Colonel Kit Coyote had run the rest of the tribe of the land, but the gibberish-spouting Ruffled Feather and his sidekick/interpreter Running Board schemed every week to remain on their land. Fighting against the bull-headed Colonel and his blundering subordinate, Sgt. Okey Homa, the rascally rodents always prevailed.

Shown with The Go Go Gophers were the adventures of Klondike Kat, a dimwitted Canadian mountie who, under the orders of Major Minor, chased a French Canadian mouse named Savoir Faire ("Savoir Faire is everywhere!") Each cartoon ended with the mouse being caught, but somehow, the next week, it would start all over again. Klondike Kat was also a segment from Underdog.

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Release History

9/14/68 - 9/6/69 CBS

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Total Television

Television Cast

Ruffled Feather Sandy Becker
Sgt. Okey Homa Sandy Becker
Running Board George S. Irving
Col. Kit Coyote Kenny Delmar

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