The Gene Autry Show

The Gene Autry Show

Synopsis of Saturday Morning Show

Western film star Gene Autry rode into TV land with this long-running series. With the help of his horse Champion, and with Pat Buttram by his side for comic relief, Autry would trot into town, help someone in distress, then end each episode with a song before riding off into the sunset once again. Typical plots would have Autry facing off against cattle rustlers, corrupt lawmen, and other frontier baddies.

The series was initially produced in Palm Springs, but by 1951, Autry could afford his own Hollywood studio and production moved there. The only other major change was the conversion from black-and-white to color for the final 13 episodes. Aside from these aesthetic alterations, The Gene Autry Show remained a sturdy constant for its six seasons on the air.

The program was a critical and commercial success, helping finance other series from Autry’s Flying A Productions. Two of these were direct spin-offs from The Gene Autry Show: Annie Oakley, featuring the exploits of the legendary sharpshooter, and The Adventures of Champion, starring Autry's trusty horse.

For those who still couldn't get enough of Autry, some of his movies were later broadcast on television in shorter formats, further cementing the cowboy's place among the rulers of that eternal Western sunset.

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7/23/50 - 8/7/56 CBS

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