Buck Rogers (serials)

Buck Rogers (serials)

Synopsis of Movie

Space hero Buck Rogers, he of that seemingly constant state of suspended animation, was created by John Flint Dille and Phillip Francis Nowlan, and debuted as a comic strip in Amazing Stories during the late 1920’s.

In 1934, the first Buck episode was made, called Buck Rogers in the 25th Century. About ten minutes long, Buck and Wilma Deering do battle against the Tiger Men of Mars. Never mind that you can see the strings to which the spaceship models are attached…the crowds at the 1935 World’s Fair in Chicago were entranced.

More Buck Rogers serials were promptly produced. Flash Gordon's Buster Crabbe was loaned out to Universal for these, and 12 cliffhanging episodes were made in the latter half of the 1930's. As in the comics, Buck awakens in the 25th century, going to work against the universe’s various scamps. Together with Buddy Wade, Buck stirs from his suspended animation to match wits and brawn with Killer Kane and his supergangsters.

A newly-edited version of the serials appeared in 1939. Dubbed Destination Saturn, the feature condensed over four hours' worth of serialized cliffhangers into one 90-minute installment. 1939 also saw the making of Buck Rogers Conquers the Universe, the first official full-length Buck Rogers feature and another spacefaring action opus.

Decades later, Buck would hit the silver screen again, updated for the post-Star Wars era in 1978's Buck Rogers in the 25th Century. This movie served as a pilot for a Buck Rogers TV series, carrying the time-displaced hero into a new batch of danger and outer space excitement. And if the past was any indication, he was more than up to the challenge.

Movie Release History

1935 - Buck Rogers
1939 - Destination Saturn
1939 - Buck Rogers Conquers the Universe

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Buck Rogers Buster Crabbe
George 'Buddy' Wade  Jackie Moran
Wilma Deering   Constance Moore
Killer Kane  Anthony Warde
Prof. Huer   C. Montague Shaw
Air Marshal Kragg   William Gould
Prince Tallen  Philson Ahn
Capt. Lasca  Henry Brandon
Capt. Rankin   Jack Mulhall
Aldar  Guy Usher
Army Official at Morgan's Lab  Lane Chandler
Lt. Lacy  Kenne Duncan
Councillor Krenko  Karl Hackett
Hidden City Air Controller   John Harmon
Roberts Reed Howes
Patten Wheeler Oakman
Saturnian Lieutenant   David Sharpe
Scott Carleton Young
Unknown Roy Barcroft
Unknown Stanley Price

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