The Black Stallion Returns

The Black Stallion Returns

Synopsis of Movie

The surprising success of 1979’s The Black Stallion sparked a renewed interest in Walter Farley’s series of novels, as well as interest in a theatrical sequel. Four years later, producers Fred Roos, Tom Sternberg and Francis Ford Coppola obliged, presenting The Black Stallion Returns.

At the start of the story, the Black is still in the care of Alec Ramsey, now a teenager. The Black’s legendary speed has brought him to the attention of his Arabian former owner, Abu Ben Ishak, who wants him back. When rival groups of Moroccan tribes try to kidnap the Black, Alec embarks on a journey across the Arabian Peninsula to retrieve his lost friend.

Stars Kelly Reno (Alec) and Teri Garr (Alec’s mother) returned for the sequel, as did cinematographer Caleb Deschanel. First-timer Robert Dalva (who edited the first film) took over directing duties, bringing the continued adventures of Walter Farley's characters to life on the big screen.

Movie Release History

1979 - The Black Stallion
1983 - The Black Stallion Returns

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United Artists


Alec Ramsay Kelly Reno
Raj Vincent Spano
Kurr Allen Garfield
Meslar Woody Strode
Abu Ben Ishak Ferdy Mayne
Tabari Jodi Thelen
Alec's Mother Teri Garr
Tiny Man Doghmi Larbi
Raj's Father Angelo Infanti
Scarface Luigi Mezzanotte
Foreign Legion Officer Franco Citti
Customs Officer Robert Behling
Fireman Joe Murphy
Neighbor Chris Larrance
Berber on Dock Loris Bazzocchi

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