Thunderbirds Are Go

Thunderbirds Are Go

Synopsis of Movie

Back in the days when puppets still ruled the airwaves, husband and wife Gerry and Sylvia Anderson were lords of the land. Their creations included Fireball XL-5, Supercar and Captain Scarlet and the Mysterons, but the Britishers’ biggest stateside hit was a sci-fi series called Thunderbirds. Using a process known as “Supermarionation,” the Andersons created a puppet world more lifelike than any seen before, complete with an array of dynamic Thunderbirds vehicles. The success of the television show spurred the Andersons to make the leap to feature films, leading to 1966’s Thunderbirds Are Go.

In the year 2063, Jeff Tracy and his sons serve, protect and defend the planet as the International Rescue team. Piloting the Thunderbird vehicles (a rocket, transport vehicle, spaceship, submarine and space satellite), International Rescue responds to the call of danger no matter where the source. The film chronicles the launch of Zero-X, man’s first mission to Mars. Due to industrial sabotage, the mission fails at lift-off, and International Rescue is called in to provide security for the second attempt.

This time, Zero-X makes a successful trip, but the red planet proves decidedly unfriendly as dangerous Martian rock snakes attack the earthlings. Zero-X is damaged, forcing the Tracys to fly once more to the rescue on the spaceship’s return voyage.

All of the Thunderbirds regulars were present, including the lovely Lady Penelope Creighton-Ward and her butler, Parker. A memorable subplot featured shy scientist Brains courting the fair Penelope, with a trip to a nightclub as a particular highlight. Pop group The Shadows provided two songs, “Lady Penelope” and “Shooting Star.” The film was followed by a sequel, Thunderbird 6, two years later.

Movie Release History

1966 - Thunderbirds Are Go
1968 - Thunderbird Six

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Movie Studio

Century 21 Pics.


Lady Penelope Sylvia Anderson
Creighton-Ward Sylvia Anderson
John Tracy Ray Barrett
Unknown Alexander Davion
Jeff Tracy Peter Dyneley
Tin-Tin Christine Finn
Gordon Tracy David Graham
Brains David Graham
Unknown Paul Maxwell
Unknown Neil McCallum
Unknown Bob Monkhouse
Scott Tracy Shane Rimmer
Unknown Charles 'Bud' Tingwell
Virgil Tracy Jeremy Wilkin
Alan Tracy Matt Zimmerman

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