Turbo: A Power Rangers Movie

Turbo: A Power Rangers Movie

Synopsis of Movie

All-new Turbo powers! All-new Turbo Zords! An all-new Power Ranger! Ranger fans, set your excite-o-meters to "salivate."

Yes, those color-coded heroes came back to theaters for a second feature in 1997, Turbo: A Power Rangers Movie. Some of the series' phenomenal fury had died down in the years since the original Mighty Morphin Power Rangers hit the airwaves, but that didn’t matter to the show’s die-hard fans, who followed the action through the Zeo phase and anxiously awaited the new Turbo installment.

Our five Mighty Morphin heroes still masquerade as ordinary teens in Angel Grove, California, fighting super-villains with special powers and martial arts when the need arises. Unfortunately, the fivesome becomes a foursome when Blue Ranger Rocky gets injured in a kickboxing match. The accident couldn’t have happened at a worse time. The villainess Divatox has designs on marrying a powerful bad guy named Maligore, enabling her to rule the universe.

Maligore is trapped in a volcano, but Divatox captures the kindly alien wizard Lerigot, the man with the key. 12-year-old Justin stumbles on the Rangers’ secret and is chosen to fill in the Blue Ranger uniform, but old Zords and powers won’t be enough to defeat Divatox’s dastardly plans. The Rangers need new Turbo vehicles and new Turbo Zords to take Divatox to task.

The new movie featured all the elements that made the show so popular with fans: cool vehicles and powers, goofy but determined villains, and above all, high-flying martial arts action. The rock soundtrack from the first film was gone, replaced with original tunes composed by Turbo writer/director/executive producer Shuki Levy. The mania had cooled down some by the time Turbo: A Power Rangers Movie arrived in theaters, but the show carried on in its Turbo, Space, and Lost Galaxy variations.

Movie Release History

1995 - Mighty Morphin Power Rangers: The Movie
1997 - Turbo: A Power Rangers Movie

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Movie Studio

20th Century Fox, Saban Ent., Toei Co.


Jason David Frank (Red Ranger) Tommy Oliver
Katherine Hillard (Pink Ranger) Catherine Sutherland
Kimberly Hart Amy Jo Johnson
Jason Lee Scott Austin St. John
Adam Park (Green Ranger) Johnny Yong Bosch
Tanya Sloan (Yellow Ranger) Nakia Burrise
Justin Stewart (Blue Ranger) Blake Foster
Rocky DeSantos Steve Cardenas
Divatox Hilary Shepard
Skull Jason Narvy
Bulk Paul Schrier
Lt. Stone Gregg Bullock
Ernie Richard Genelle
Lerigot Jon Simanton
Unknown Kai Doi

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