Tom and Jerry: The Movie

Tom and Jerry: The Movie

Synopsis of Movie

The kindler, gentler 90’s brought a more politically correct Tom and Jerry to the screen. Tom and Jerry: The Movie, the first feature for the sparring cat and mouse, balanced out its comic anarchy with a few lessons on friendship and mutual respect.

At the start of the film, Tom’s owners are moving to a new home, and Jerry comes along for the ride. Cat and mouse duke it out in the back of the moving van, spilling out into the street as the van drives away. Alone in the city, the two meet a pair of dogs, Puggsy and Frankie da Flea, who show them the ropes. After Jerry rescues Tom from a pack of alley cats, the two come across a young runaway named Robyn Starling. The girl’s father has reportedly been lost in an avalanche, and her cruel Aunt Figg is now her caretaker.

A policeman takes Robyn home, and she brings Tom and Jerry along. When the cat and mouse discover Robyn’s dad is really alive, Aunt Figg has them taken to the pound. Robyn is heir to a vast fortune, and as long as Aunt Figg is her guardian, she controls it. Tom and Jerry engineer a great escape from the pound, then come to Robyn’s rescue.

Meanwhile, Daddy Starling learns of his daughter’s peril and flies through a dangerous storm to find her, but Aunt Figg isn’t beaten yet. The wicked aunt posts a false reward for Robyn’s capture, and several no-goodniks are interested. Tom and Jerry stick by their new friend, facing whatever danger comes.

The usually silent cat and mouse were given speaking voices for the film, with Richard Kind as Tom and Dana Hill as Jerry. Henry Mancini, perhaps most famous for his “Pink Panther” theme, composed the score. Appealing mostly to the very young, Tom and Jerry: The Movie had a very brief run in theaters before settling into a more permanent home on video.

Movie Release History

1993 - Tom and Jerry: The Movie

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Movie Studio

Turner Ent./WMG Film/Film Roman Prods.


Tom Richard Kind
Jerry Dana Hill
Robyn Starling Anndi McAfee
Lickboot Tony Jay
Captain Kiddie Rip Taylor
Doctor Applecheek Henry Gibson
Ferdinand Michael Bell
Straycatcher Michael Bell
Puggsy Ed Gilbert
Daddy Starling Ed Gilbert
Frankie da Flea David L. Lander
Squawk Howard Morris
Straycatcher Sydney Lassick
Alleycat Raymond McLeod
Bulldog Raymond McLeod
Alleycat Mitchel D. Moore
Alleycat Scott Wojahn
Patrolman Tino Insana

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