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One of the most popular and fondly-remembered fads of the early 1980’s was breakdancing. It was a style of dancing popularized in urban areas where dancers would do acrobatic and colorful dance moves in time with the propulsive rhythms of hip-hop and dance music. Soon enough, kids all over the world were spinning, popping, locking and doing the ‘up-rock’ and ‘the electro-boogie’ to the sounds of Newcleus and Afrika Bambaataa. As the trend caught on like wildfire, it led to hit songs like “Breakdance” by Irene Cara and began to appear in hit films Flashdance. Therefore, it was inevitable that such a popular trend would get its own movie. It soon arrived in the form of Breakin’.

The film’s story revolves around Kelly, a young lady who aspires to be a dancer and is working her way through dance school to make it happen. However, she soon becomes tired of the stuffy, boring styles of dancing taught at the school. When her friend Adam introduces her to the local breakdancing scene, she realizes she has found her calling as a dancer.

Kelly befriends Ozone and Turbo, two of the best street-dancers on the scene, and is renamed ‘Special K’. Together, the trio takes on the established dance world by using a big-time dance competition as a chance to show the dance school teachers that their self-taught moves are just as graceful and vital to the dance world as anything the school could teach.

Breakin’ was made by the Cannon Group, a company better known for action flicks like American Ninja and Invasion U.S.A.. However, they rose to the task admirably and produced a film that combined the charm of old-fashioned musicals with up-to-date dancing and a killer dance music soundtrack. The fact that the three leads all happened to be professional dancers gave their dance sequences an energy and credibility that the average actor couldn’t have brought to these scenes. The genuine joy they took in performing shined through and made the frequent dance routines great fun for the viewer.

Breakin was a smash hit, grossing over $35 million at the box office. The soundtrack also produced a major pop-chart hit with the joyous “Breakin’… There’s No Stopping Us” by Ollie and Jerry. Of course, the film’s success inspired a host of imitators like Fast Forward and Krush Groove. There was even a genuine sequel, Breakin’ 2: Electric Boogaloo, which has become a cult classic amongst fans of 1980’s movies. Cannon Group would also later try to revive their Breakin’ success with urban-themed and music-oriented films like Delivery Boys and Rappin’.

However, no imitator can replace Breakin’. This groundbreaking film remains a favorite today thanks to its classic tunes and its unforgettably cool dance scenes. The next time you want to see some classic old-school moves, give Breakin’ a spin.

Movie Release History

1984 - Breakin'
1984 - Breakin' 2: Electric Boogaloo

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Movie Studio

Cannon Group


Kelly Lucinda Dickey
Ozone Adolfo 'Shabba-Doo' Quinones
Turbo Michael 'Boogaloo Shrimp' Chambers
Franco Ben Lokey
James Christopher McDonald
Adam Phineas Newborn III

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