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“That’ll do, pig. That’ll do.”

The little Australian movie that could. Who would’ve thought a children’s movie starring a talking pig would become one of the biggest international hits of 1995, much less go on to earn an Academy Award nomination for Best Picture? Such was the charm of a little pig, a kindly farmer and a cast full of colorful barnyard characters.

Young Babe is an orphan, won by unimposing Farmer Hoggett at a local fair. Back on the farm, the pig gets adopted by a sheepdog named Fly, whose husband Rex is short-tempered and hard of hearing. When a mean-spirited Cat tells Babe that the fate of pigs is a date with the dinner table, the pig decides to make himself too useful on the farm to be eaten (a trick he learned from Ferdinand, a duck who steals the rooster’s crowing duties every morning).

Babe takes up shepherding, finding that polite innocence goes a lot farther than the violent, dictatorial methods used by the dogs. The sweet-natured little pig tries to overcome the prejudices both on the farm and in the outside world to prove his worth and save his bacon.

Babe was an old-fashioned fairy tale, told with an honest simplicity and aided by Oscar-winning special effects. Adding to the kiddie appeal was a trio of squeaky-voiced mice, who sang the intra-film titles and even crooned a cover of “Blue Moon.”

A children’s movie with wide appeal, Babe won over skeptics to become a rousing success. In 1998, Universal released a sequel, Babe: Pig in the City, which took a darker tone, bringing Babe into an atmospheric, seedy big city. But even in the darkest of worlds, a little kindness is a ray of sunshine, and Babe once again gets a chance to teach the world how to get along.

Babe: Pig in the City was a theatrical disappointment, beloved by many critics but little seen by audiences. Still, the plucky pig didn't let it get him down, holding out hope that the kids would rediscover this underappreciated gem on video and DVD.

Movie Release History

1995 - Babe
1998 - Babe: Pig in the City

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Movie Studio

MCA-Universal/Kennedy Miller Prods.


Babe Christine Cavanaugh
Fly Miriam Margolyes
Ferdinand Danny Mann
Rex Hugo Weaving
Maa Miriam Flynn
Cat Russi Taylor
Old Ewe Evelyn Krape
Horse Michael Edward-Stevens
Cow Charles Bartlett
Rooster Paul Livingston
Narrator..Roscoe Lee Browne  
Farmer Hoggett James Cromwell
Esme Hoggett Magda Szubanski
Daughter Zoe Burton
Son-in-Law Paul Goddard

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