Bugsy Malone

Bugsy Malone

Synopsis of Movie

Close your eyes and imagine the pitch meeting:

“Okay, so, it’s a gangster movie, and, and… it’s a musical, right? But get this… with kids! All kids! We’ll get that little girl from Napoleon and Samantha and a bunch of twelve-year-olds with gangland accents. Gold mine!”

Obviously, at least one studio bigwig liked the idea, because in 1976, Bugsy Malone hit the silver screen.

At the height of Prohibition, gangster factions led by Fat Sam and Dandy Dan are engaged in a good-old-fashioned mob war, throwing whipped cream pies in the other guys’ faces at the slightest provocation. But Dandy Dan has a new weapon, a pie-shooting Tommy gun that threatens to tip the balance of power...

In response, Fat Sam dispatches his up-and-coming tough, Bugsy Malone, to steal the device. Tarty moll Tallulah also works her way into the action, which frequently breaks into either a song or a huge pie fight as the gang war escalates.

Filled with rollicking tunes and loving jabs at 30’s gangster films, Bugsy Malone featured early work from Scott Baio (later Happy Days’ Chachi) and Jodie Foster (star of Freaky Friday, among many others) as Bugsy and Tallulah.

The film didn’t do as well as hoped in its initial release, but time, video and TV syndication have brought Bugsy Malone back into the limelight for some well-deserved recognition. The 90's even brought a stage revival of Bugsy Malone, complete with a new soundtrack album.

Movie Release History

1976 - Bugsy Malone

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Bugsy Malone Scott Baio
Blousey Florrie Dugger
Tallulah Jodie Foster
Fat Sam John Cassisi
Dandy Dan Martin Lev
Leroy Smith Paul Murphy
Knuckles Sheridan Earl Russell
Fizzy Albin 'Humpty' Jenkins
Smolsky Paul Chirelstein
O'Dreary Andrew Paul
Cagey Joe Davidson Knight
Razamataz Michael Jackson
Louis Jeffrey Stevens
Ritzy Peter Holder
Snake Eyes Donald Waugh

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