Bill & Ted's Bogus Journey

Bill & Ted's Bogus Journey

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After one feature film, a Saturday morning cartoon and even a breakfast cereal, you’d think Bill S. Preston, Esquire, and Ted “Theodore” Logan would’ve sharpened up a bit. But 1991’s feature sequel Bill & Ted’s Bogus Journey proved otherwise. The lovably lunkheaded Wyld Stallyns guitarists were still in classic Bill and Ted doofus mode in the film, and fans wouldn’t have wanted it any other way.

Thanks to the events of the first film, the future is a most non-heinous place to be, a world where Bill & Ted University students learn from such historical luminaries as Jim “Sir James” Martin, guitarist for Faith No More. Meanwhile, back in the present, Bill and Ted have successfully proposed to Elizabeth and Joanna, the Medieval English princess babes from the first film. Unfortunately, the evil De Nomolos stages a future coup, plotting a return to the past to wipe out Bill & Ted in our present. Evil Robot Bill & Ted are dispatched for the task, and the naughty androids actually manage to kill our clueless twosome.

Thus begins a journey both to hell (which totally does NOT look like their album covers promised) and to heaven, where the two correctly guess the meaning of life and win from God the help of two scientific genius aliens named Station. In the middle of this trans-dimensional journey, the two end up playing Battleship, Clue, Twister and other games with the Grim Reaper, winning the right to come back to life. The Reaper tags along, just for kicks. With Station’s help, the gang builds Good Bill & Ted Robots, but even these mechanical buddies might not be enough to defeat the Evil Bill & Ted Robots, thwart De Nomolos, rescue the princesses and win the Battle of the Bands.

An even wilder journey than the original, Bill & Ted’s Bogus Journey is considered by many to be one of the few sequels that lives up to or even outshines the original. The movie was another respectable hit, but no further movie sequels were produced. Bill and Ted lived on (briefly), however, in the short-lived prime time series Bill & Ted’s Excellent Adventures.

Movie Release History

1989 - Bill & Ted's Excellent Adventure
1991 - Bill & Ted's Bogus Journey

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Ted "Theodore" Logan Keanu Reeves
Evil Ted Keanu Reeves
Bill S. Preston, Esq.* Alex Winter
Evil Bill Alex Winter
Granny Preston Alex Winter
Grim Reaper William Sadler
English Family Member   William Sadler
De Nomolos   Joss Ackland
Ms. Wardroe   Pam Grier
Rufus   George Carlin
Missy  Amy Stock-Poynton
Sir James Martin   Jim Martin
Captain Logan  Hal Landon Jr.
Elizabeth  Annette Azcuy
Joanna  Sarah Trigger
Colonel Oats   Chelcie Ross
Gatekeeper  Taj Mahal
Bach   Robert Noble
Thomas Edison   Hal Landon Sr.
Ria Paschelle  Eleni Kelanos
Deputy James   Roy Brocksmith
Mr. Preston   J. Patrick McNamara
1st Seance Member  Dana Stevens
2nd Seance Member   Valerie Spencer
3rd Seance Member   Kathryn Miller
4th Seance Member   Carol Rosenthal
"Ugly" Seance Member  Chris Matheson
"Stupid" Seance Member   Ed Solomon
Dark Figure   Anthony G. Schmidt
Young Ted   Brendan Ryan
Young Bill   William Thorne
Station #1  Ed Gale
Station   Arturo Gil
Big Station   Tom Allard
Heavenly Greeter   Terry Finn
Albert Einstein   John Ehrin
Benjamin Franklin  Don Forney
Good Robot Bill Michael Chambers
Good Robot Ted   Bruno 'Taco' Falcon
George Washington Carver  Ed Cambridge
Confucius   Tad Horino
The Smoker  Max Magenta
Ted Double   David Carrera
Bill Double   Jeff Miller
Les Claypool   Himself (Primus)
Tim Alexander   Himself (Primus)
Larry Lalonde   Himself (Primus)
Kate Axelrod   Tanya Newbould
English Family Member   Marni Joan Bakst
English Family Member   Sadler Colley Bakst
The Devil/Station (voice)  Frank Welker

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