Beethoven's 2nd

Beethoven's 2nd

Synopsis of Movie

What’s more loveable than a big St. Bernard? Five of them. Knowing this eternal truth, Universal gave hulking canine Beethoven a family in the sequel to 1992’s surprise family hit, Beethoven.

Beethoven still lives with loving family the Newtons (even crusty dad George has his soft moments), but he needs the kind of love only a female St. Bernard can give. Enter Missy, the pink-bowed love of Beethoven’s life. The two share an enchanted courtship (including a date to the drive-in), but Missy gets taken away by cruel owner Regina, who’s holding the pooch for ransom in her divorce proceedings.

The Newton kids discover that Beethoven’s soirees have resulted in a litter of puppies—Moe, Chubby, Dolly and Tchaikovsky. The kids raise Beethoven’s pups, hiding them from still-anti-dog George, while trying to save Missy from the clutches of Regina.

As with the first film, Beethoven helps the Newton kids with their problems as well, this time involving first loves and self-respect. Things come to a head at a resort where both the Newtons and Regina are vacationing, leading to more slapstick comeuppance.

The sequel carried on the success of the first Beethoven, leading to an animated series in 1994 and the continued miseducation (you mean "Ode to Joy" was written by a St. Bernard?) of impressionable youngsters everywhere.

Movie Release History

1992 - Beethoven's
1993 - Beethoven's 2nd's

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Movie Studio

MCA-Universal, Northern Lights Ent.


George Newton Charles Grodin
Alice Newton Bonnie Hunt
Ryce Nicholle Tom
Ted Christopher Castile
Emily Sarah Rose Karr
Regina Debi Mazar
Floyd Chris Penn
Taylor Ashley Hamilton
Seth Danny Masterson
Janie Catherine Reitman
Cliff Klamath Maury Chaykin
Michelle Heather McComb
Banker Scott Waara
Janitor Jeff Corey
Chemistry Teacher Virginia Capers

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