Blackbeard's Ghost

Blackbeard's Ghost

Synopsis of Movie

Spot the odd item out in the following sequence: Disney… slapstick comedy… Dean Jones… the wandering ghost of Blackbeard the pirate. (Hint: It isn’t Dean Jones). Peter Ustinov starred as the title spirit, cursed by one of his many ex-wives to wander the earth until he could find it in his black heart to do a good deed.

Elsa Lanchester, a descendant of the famed pirate, is in danger of losing her home to a group of greedy racketeers, who want to convert it into a casino. College track coach Steve Walker (Jones) accidentally conjures up the old salt’s spirit, leading to one rioutous comedy bit after another as Blackbeard and Steve learn how to find the happy medium between their polar personalities.

The film featured the always-brilliant special effects work of Peter Ellenshaw, who had brought the magic of Mary Poppins to life for the studio a few years earlier. Though Blackbeard's Ghost was nowhere near as successful as that all-time favorite, the movie had more than its share of fans, who continued to enjoy its silly pleasures as the movie popped up on Disney's TV shows.

Movie Release History

1968 - Blackbeard's Ghost

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Captain Edward "Blackbeard" Teach Peter Ustinov
Steve Walker Dean Jones
Jo Anne Baker Suzanne Pleshette
Emily Stonecraft Elsa Lanchester
Silky Seymour Joby Baker
TV Commentator Elliott Reid
Dean Wheaton Richard Deacon
Gudger Larkin Hank Jones
Virgil Norman Grabowski
Pinetop Purvis Michael Conrad
Croupier Herbie Faye
Head Official George Murdock
Motorcycle Officer Kelly Thordsen
Teller Ned Glass
Waiter Gil Lamb

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