Benji the Hunted

Benji the Hunted

Synopsis of Movie

Benji hit the great outdoors for his third feature film, co-starring with real-life trainer Frank Inn. With the backing of big-time studio Disney, director/writer Joe Camp took his pooch into nature for a danger-filled wilderness adventure.

Out on a fishing trip with Frank, Benji becomes shipwrecked and lost in the Washington and Oregon wild. Frank searches frantically for his canine pal, but Benji is too obscured by the evergreen forest, forcing the resourceful terrier to find his own way back home.

Along the way, Benji adopts a pack of cougar cubs whose mother is killed by a human hunter, then is forced to protect himself and his new adoptees from the hungry jaws of a menacing gray wolf.

As always with the Benji franchise, the movie belonged to the animals. Low on dialogue (unless “Woof” counts), the movie was carried by the spectacular outdoor photography and by the performances of the title dog and his new friends and enemies, closing out the Benji film series with grand adventure.

Movie Release History

1974 - Benji
1977 - For the Love of Benji
1980 - Oh, Heavenly Dog
1987 - Benji the Hunted

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Frank Inn Frank Inn
TV Cameraman Mike Francis
Mary Beth McLaulin Nancy Francis
Hunter Red Steagall

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