Buck Rogers in the 25th Century

Buck Rogers in the 25th Century

Synopsis of Movie

In the wake of the Star Wars mania sweeping the country in the late 1970’s, Universal gave the go-ahead to resurrect Buck Rogers, star of a handful of old-time space opera cliffhangers. The initial thought was to create a two-hour pilot for the upcoming TV series, but the studio opted to go big-budget and big-screen instead.

As the movie begins, 20th Century astronaut Buck Rogers awakens from his cryogenic sleep to discover that he’s Rip Van Winkled his way 500 years into the future. The intrepid astronaut soon finds that this post-apocalyptic earth is being threatened by invading Draconians and their lovely but lethal Princess Ardala. At first mistaken for a spy, Buck wins his way onto the side of good, his 20th Century ways proving adequate to the needs of the 25th.

Once Buck works his way into the ranks of this 25th Century armada, the movie sets up the elements that would come to define the series: cosmic battle scenes, love triangles among Buck, the Princess and human pilot Colonel Wilma Deering, and generous doses of comic relief, much of it coming from wisecracking robot Twiki (voiced by the legendary Mel Blanc).

While not exactly of the same stature as Star Wars, the movie earned its own loyal fan following, and the subsequent series soared to a two-season run on ABC.

Movie Release History

1978 - Buck Rogers in the 25th Century 956 - Brave One

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Movie Studio

Universal/Glen A. Larson


Captain William 'Buck' Rogers Gil Gerard
Colonel Wilma Deering Erin Gray
Dr. Huer Tim O'Connor
Princess Ardala Pamela Hensley
Kane Henry Silva
Twiki (body) Felix Silla
Twiki (voice) Mel Blanc
Tigerman Duke Butler
Draco Joseph Wiseman
Delta Section Caroline Smith
Supervisor John D. Carter
Pilot Kevin Coates
Comtel Officer David Cadiente
Draconian Guard Larry Duran
Draconian Guard Kenny Endoso
Officer Eric Lawrence

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