Batman Forever

Batman Forever

Synopsis of Movie

“Riddle me this, and riddle me that: Who is afraid of the big, black bat?”

The parade of famous villains continued in Batman Forever, which also featured the series debut of a certain Boy Wonder. Joel Schumacher took over directing duties for this third installment, and Val Kilmer stepped into the Batsuit in place of Michael Keaton, but as always, the real stars were the villains—in this case, Tommy Lee Jones’ Two-Face and Jim Carrey’s The Riddler.

The film kicks off with a bang, as Two-Face launches a wave of mayhem and destruction on Gotham City. The former district attorney (then known as Harvey Dent) was disfigured after a courtroom acid attack, leaving him with a half-hideous face and a split personality to match. Two-Face blames Batman for his trauma, and he’s looking for payback. Meanwhile, Bruce Wayne/Batman is troubled by nightmares about his parents’ deaths. Enter Dr. Chase Meridian, a criminal psychologist who would love to get underneath that pointy-eared hood and see what makes the Bat-stud tick.

Elsewhere, Wayne Enterprises employee Edward Nygma has developed a new invention: a “Box” that delivers 3-D holograms directly to the user’s brain. Bruce rejects the idea, but the deranged genius strikes out on his own after being transformed into the carrot-topped Riddler, donning a green bodysuit covered in question marks. The Riddler joins forces with Two-Face to finance “The Box,” which actually has a more sinister purpose: It sucks the brains right out of whomever uses it, adding to The Riddler’s already ample intellect.

Meanwhile, Two-Face makes another arch-nemesis. The schizoid madman plants a bomb at the Gotham circus, and a group of acrobats makes a daring attempt to remove it. Strapping young Dick Grayson gets the bomb away, but his family is killed in the process. Bruce Wayne takes the revenge-minded lad under his wing, eventually training him as sidekick Robin. From then on, it’s an all-out battle involving Bat-planes, Bat-boats, Batmobiles and plenty of neon-lit action.

Batman Forever took a much lighter approach—both in story and in design—than the two previous Batman films, making this a more kid-friendly outing. The new look was welcomed by the general moviegoing public, who made the film an even bigger hit than Batman Returns. Jim Carrey’s wildly over-the-top Riddler became a fan favorite, and the series soon got a new entry with 1997's Batman & Robin.

Movie Release History

1989 - Batman
1992 - Batman Returns
1995 - Batman Forever
1997 - Batman & Robin

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Movie Studio

Warner Bros., PolyGram


Batman / Bruce Wayne  Val Kilmer
Two-Face / Harvey Dent   Tommy Lee Jones
The Riddler / Edward Nygma  Jim Carrey
Dr. Chase Meridian  Nicole Kidman
Robin / Dick Grayson  Chris O'Donnell
Alfred Pennyworth   Michael Gough
Commissioner Gordon  Pat Hingle
Sugar  Drew Barrymore
Spice  Debi Mazar
Gossip Gerty   Elizabeth Sanders
Dr. Burton  Rene Auberjonois
Bank Guard  Joe Grifasi
Newscaster  Philip Moon
Newscaster   Jessica Tuck
Crime Boss Moroni  Dennis Paladino
Margaret  Kimberly Scott
Executive   Michael Paul Chan
Assistant  Jon Favreau
Aide   Greg Lauren
Young Bruce Wayne   Ramsey Ellis
Thomas Wayne   Michael Scranton
Martha Wayne   Eileen Seeley
Shooter   David U. Hodges
Fisherman   Jack Betts
Municipal Police Guard   Tim Jackson
Ringmaster   Daniel Reichert
Mom Grayson  Glory Fioramonti
Dad Grayson   Larry A. Lee
Handsome Reporter   Bruce Roberts
Mayor  George Wallace
Electronic Store Owner  Bob Zmuda
Teenage Girl  Rebecca Budig
Gang Leader   Don 'The Dragon' Wilson
Teen Gang Member  Sydney D. Minckler
Girl on Corner  Maxine Jones
Girl on Corner  Terry Ellis
Girl on Corner   Cindy Herron
Girl on Corner   Dawn Robinson
Pilot   Gary Kasper
Paparazzi Reporter   Amanda Trees
Reporter   Andrea Fletcher
Socialite   Ria Coyne
Chubby Businessman   Jed Curtis
Bald Guy   William Mesnik
Journalist   Marga Gomez
Showgirl   Kelly Vaughn
Deputy  John Fink
Trapeze Act  Noby Arden
Trapeze Act   Marlene Bologna
Trapeze Act   Danny Castle
Trapeze Act   Troy S. Wolfe
Harvey's Thug   Christopher Caso
Harvey's Thug Gary Clayton
Harvey's Thug Oscar Dillon
Harvey's Thug Keith Graham
Harvey's Thug Kevin Grevioux
Harvey's Thug Mark Hicks
Harvey's Thug Corey Jacoby
Harvey's Thug Randy Lamb
Harvey's Thug Maurice Lamont
Harvey's Thug Sidney S. Liufau
Harvey's Thug Brad Martin
Harvey's Thug Deron McBee
Harvey's Thug Mario Mugavero
Harvey's Thug Joey Nelson
Harvey's Thug Jim Palmer
Harvey's Thug Robert Pavell
Harvey's Thug Pee Wee Piemonte
Harvey's Thug Peter Radon
Harvey's Thug Francois Rodrigue
Harvey's Thug Joe Sabatino
Harvey's Thug Mike Sabatino
Harvey's Thug Ofer Samra
Harvey's Thug Matt Sigloch
Harvey's Thug Mike Smith
Office Manager Ed Begley Jr. (uncredited)

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