The Barefoot Executive

The Barefoot Executive

Synopsis of Movie

In Disney's The Barefoot Executive, a chimp becomes head of programming at a TV station (insert your own joke here). A young Kurt Russell, already a golden boy for the studio by way of The Horse in the Gray Flannel Suit and The Computer Wore Tennis Shoes, starred as the monkey’s human helper.

Teenager Steven Post works as a page at a struggling TV network. When girlfriend Jennifer leaves him in charge of her pet chimp, Steven discovers the little simian has a knack for picking winners in primetime.

The executives, thinking Steven is the real prodigy, appoint him as VP in charge of programming. Things really get nutty when studio exec Francis X. Wilbanks and Steven’s jealous rival Roger discover the truth about the chimp’s gift, sparking a madcap battle for control of the chimp and the studio.

The movie continued Russell’s streak of Disney hits, as well as the grand movie tradition of chimp comedies. The film was remade in 1995 as a TV movie starring Chris Elliot, Jay Mohr, Brian Evans and Jason London.

Movie Release History

1971 - The Barefoot Executive

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Steven Post Kurt Russell
Francis X. Wilbanks Joe Flynn
E. J. Crampton Harry Morgan
Mertons Wally Cox
Jennifer Scott Heather North
Farnsworth Alan Hewitt
Clifford Hayden Rorke
Roger John Ritter
Tom Jack Bender
Dr. Schmidt Tom Anfinsen
Network executive George N. Neise
Announcer Edwin Reimers
Advertising executive Morgan Farley
Sponsor Glenn Dixon
Sponsor Robert Shayne

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