Bill & Ted's Excellent Adventure

Bill & Ted's Excellent Adventure

Synopsis of Movie

“Be excellent to each other… And party on, dudes!”

Fun-loving, guitar-playing, history-flunking airheads Ted “Theodore” Logan and Bill S. Preston, Esquire, first came on the scene in 1989’s Bill & Ted’s Excellent Adventure. A time-tripping romp, the movie had the appearance of a teen comedy, but its silly humor and good-natured charm won over kids of all ages.

San Dimas, California, residents Bill and Ted live a relatively happy life (ignorance is bliss, after all), but their dreams of garage band glory are threatened by the fact that they’re flunking history. Ted’s dad, a hard-nosed cop, has threatened to ship Ted off to an Alaskan military school if he doesn’t pass his classes, and the only way they’ll pass is if Bill and Ted ace their final oral history report the next day. There doesn’t seem to be much hope (the two still think Joan of Arc was Noah’s wife), but a surprise visitor from the future just might have the miracle they need.

Cool dude Rufus, who arrives in a time-traveling phone booth, tells the boys that one day their music will be the foundation of a peaceful, prosperous civilization, but none of that can happen if they don’t pass. Rufus loans them the booth, and they’re off to do a little hands-on research. Soon, however, they hit upon an even more ingenious solution: they decide to “borrow” a few famous faces from the past to liven up their presentation.

After several nearly disastrous stops, the phone booth is packed with everyone from Genghis Khan to Joan of Arc to Socrates (“So Crates”) to Abraham Lincoln. Everything points to an easy ‘A,’ but modern-day San Dimas is no place for a gaggle of historical luminaries. Before you can say, “Bogus!,” the gang is in a heap of trouble with the law, right before the big report.

Bill & Ted’s Excellent Adventure wasn’t exactly highbrow entertainment, but nobody seemed to care. The sight of Napoleon terrorizing a local water park and Genghis Khan skateboarding through a sporting goods store with a hockey stick for a club more than made up for any lack of educational content. Before long, wannabe Bills and Teds were spouting off “Excellent” and “Bogus” and playing air guitar wherever they went.

Made on a small budget, Bill & Ted’s Excellent Adventure was a clear hit, helping propel Keanu Reeves (Ted) and Alex Winter (Bill) to stardom. The underachieving twosome returned to the big screen two years later for Bill & Ted’s Bogus Journey, and the excellent adventures continued in both a Saturday morning cartoon and a prime time series. Most excellent!

Movie Release History

1989 - Bill & Ted's Excellent Adventure
1991 - Bill & Ted's Bogus Journey

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Ted "Theodore" Logan   Keanu Reeves
Bill S. Preston  Alex Winter
Rufus  George Carlin
Napoleon   Tony Camilleri
Billy the Kid   Dan Shor
Socrates  Tony Steedman
Freud   Rod Loomis
Genghis Khan Al Leong
Joan of Arc   Jane Wiedlin
Abraham Lincoln  Robert V. Barron
Beethoven  Clifford David
Captain Logan  Hal Landon Jr.
Mr. Ryan   Bernie Casey
Missy/Mom   Amy Stock-Poynton
Mr. Preston   J. Patrick McNamara
Deacon   Frazier Bain
Princess Joanna   Diane Franklin
Princess Elizabeth   Kimberley Kates
Ox   Will Robbins
Randolf  Steve Shepherd
Buffy  Anne Machette
Jody  Traci Dawn Davis
Bartender   Duncan McLeod
Tattooed Cowboy   John Clure
Bearded Cowboy   Jim Cody Williams
Old West Ugly Dude  Dusty O'Dee
Kerry  Heather Pittman
Daphne  Ruth Pittman
Bowling Alley Manager   Richard Alexander
John the Serf  James Bowbitch
Evil Duke   John Karlsen
Mother at Waterslides   Jeanne Hermine Herek
Waterslide Attendant  Jonathan Bond
Music Store Salesman   Jeff S. Goodrich
Girl at Mall   Lisa Rubin
Student Speaker   Marjean Holden
Aerobic Saleswoman   Claudia Templeton
Aerobic Instructor   Carol Gossler
Mall Photographer  J. Donovan Nelson
Store Clerk  Marcia Darroch
Police Psychiatrist   Steven Rotblatt
Stupid Waiter  Ed Solomon
Ugly Waiter   Chris Matheson
Neanderthal #1   Mark Ogden
Neanderthal #2   Tom
Security Guard  Ron Althoff

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