Camel hat (Legionnaire's hat)

Camel hat (Legionnaire's hat)

Fashion Synopsis

Fashion and function in one, the camel hat guaranteed a cooler than thou look to match the attitude. A variation of a French Legionnaire’s desert hat, this back-flapped chapeaux trekked its way from Nu-ro crowds to b-boy wannabees, and was finally firmly embraced by the oasis of style, heavy metal rockers. It even managed a showing in the music video for The Clash's "Rock the Casbah" on top of Mick Jones' noggin.

A simple round-crown, flat-billed hat much in the style of a painter’s cap, the camel hat added the vital and much appreciated back neck flaps. Two rectangular strips of fabric extended below the back rim of the hat, protecting the delicate neck region from the harsh rays of the sun. No longer would cruising the streets in your t-top Trans-Am put you in danger of the dreaded red neck.

The hat’s simple cotton construction made it a perfect billboard for decals, propelling it from alternative accessory to heavy metal crown. Emblazoned with Ozzy logos or Pink Floyd prisms, the logoed camel hat joined the ranks of bandana and concert t-shirt as quintessential fan fashion.

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