Charm bracelets

Charm bracelets

Fashion Synopsis

Inexpensive costume jewelry made it possible for all to enjoy the cosmetic display of adornment, and girls loved the jangly, collector-friendly charm bracelet. The concept behind a charm bracelet was to collect and add little ‘charms,’ miniature plastic or metal representations of all the things you treasured in life.

Were you a cheerleader? How about a megaphone with the school letters engraved on it? Was your boyfriend quarterback of the football team? Wear a football on your bracelet to show your support for him. Not a sport fan, but loved rock and roll? Try a little silver 45 record, or a charm souvenir from an Elvis concert.

Other forms of bracelets that jangled like the charm style were made out of coins, or interesting plastic shapes that hung down from a chain bracelet. Blouses were created with a ¾ sleeve style named the ‘bracelet sleeve’ to highlight the adornment on the wrists. But no matter how you chose to show the things off, these bracelets were always, in a word, charming.

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