Chic jeans

Chic jeans

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Touted as the world’s best-fitting jeans, Chic’s popularity with the masses—and their availability at K-Mart—made them one of the world’s best-selling jeans. Chic jeans founder Henry I. Siegal (the H.I.S. behind the jeans) offered girls options when it came to a fit. Knowing that not all bodies were created equal, Chic brought the waist/inseam method of male sizing to his female jeans.

During the craze of high-priced designer jeans, Chic gave an affordable option for the latest fashion. But don’t you dare call them a designer knock-off: Chic found a fanatic audience all its own, devotees of the brand’s special sizing. No more too-short highwaters, or too-long clown pants. Long-legged and petite ladies the world over let out a celebratory cry, and they showed their appreciation by keeping Chic jeans on top of the competitive designer jean market.

By the early-to-mid-80’s, designer jeans faded from the spotlight, but Chic jeans remained a leader in a daunting denim market. The orange cursive Chic still scrawls across the back pocket, but the jeans have undergone a makeover. The company’s turn-of-the-millennium ads promised a clear path in a twisty road to adolescent uncertainty: “Inside my new Chic jeans I found a new self image.” Now that’s a jean with self-confidence to spare. Most of us are lucky to find lost change or week-old gum.

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