Cowl necks

Cowl necks

Fashion Synopsis

The rigid, neck-hugging turtleneck that took over the first half of the 70’s widened, softened and relaxed into the soft folds of the cowl neck in the latter part of that decade. The oversized neck featured a floppy collar that fell smoothly away from the neckline, soon a favorite style for soft angora or cashmere sweaters.

The cowl neck was achieved by draping a fabric diagonally, or on the bias, so that the fabric folded upon itself in gradient layers, much like the ripples of water. This cowl neck was created by draper/designer, Madame Vionnet, in the 1930's, and expanded into the ultra wide and overflowing cowl neck sweater style of the 70's. (Madame Vionnet's original cowl drape, by the way, was a popular style for metallic disco tops).

And if you needed any more fashion presence, a dainty floating heart charm dangling from a delicate gold chain made the perfect accessory to your fluffy cowl neck.

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