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At a time when boys played war and girls were left to play house, TV’s Charlie's Angels’s Angels changed the style of neighborhood games forever. Girls no longer had to don aprons to play a role on the playground: thanks to the Angels, girls got to be smart and sassy in skirts and platforms, and beat up boys.

Charlie's Angels’s Angels was glamour-packed, prime time action, featuring three foxy fashion plates in a battle against crime. Fans tuned in weekly for a dose of style frenzy from athletic Jill, street savvy Kelly and smart Sabrina (and later Kris, Julie and Tiffany). Dressed to kill, the Angels’ greatest weapon wasn’t a gun; it was their beauty that blew you away. At a time when female police officers usually found themselves wearing a meter maid’s uniform, the Angels kicked butt in designer jeans and tube tops.

No demure dresses for these bombshells: their sexy but sophisticated looks kicked opened doors for the working woman, and gave young girls hopes for their future. Just because you wore a dress didn’t mean you had to stay at home in the kitchen like June Cleaver. Femininity didn’t need to be cloaked in masculine suits to be successful: nothing surprised an unsuspecting criminal more than a pistol hidden inside your skintight satin pants.

The looks changed as frequently as the cast did, which was half the fun. Whether it was undercover work at the roller derby, the disco, or a chain gang, the Angels oozed appeal. They made polyester, turtlenecks and big floppy bow-collars sexy, and Farrah Fawcett’s wings propelled millions of young ladies to their hairdressers to copy her aerodynamic hairstyle. These angels were heaven sent, but they had a little devil in them, too.

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