Crew cuts / flat tops

Crew cuts / flat tops

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This close-cropped variation of the buzz cut is the regulation haircut given to servicemen in the military, and throughout the years, it has been adopted by patriotic youths and by those who just want to look tough. While the buzz cut is a complete shearing of all hair across the entire head, the crew cut can leave up to ¼ inch of hair at the top of the head. The crew cut can also be called the flat top when the hair at the top of the head is grown out and cut in a straight, flat style.

Crew cuts were generally not for individualists and rebels, they were for boys who respected authority and took no chances for looking like a hooligan with long hair. The blunt cut across the nape of the neck and the sideburns guarantees a perfectly conformed hairstyle. The crew cut was as styled as a buzz cut could get—it left at least a smidge of hair to work with on top.

Younger boys went for the buzz, while more style conscious youths asked for the crew cut. It looked more adult, more serious. And better yet, it’s timeless. Even today, the crew cut is still one of the most popular cuts with conservative boys across the world.

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