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“Charlie, the original rebel”

Revlon returned to the perfume market in 1973 with the sassy scent of Charlie. Named after Revlon’s founder, Charles “Charlie” Revlon, Charlie was for every woman.

A forerunner of the feminist fragrance Enjoli, Charlie broke through the commercial barriers first. Before Charlie, women considered perfume a special occasion spritz only. Charlie told women that they could not only douse themselves daily, but they could buy their own perfume. No more waiting for Christmas or an anniversary gift from the husband—a lady can go to the market and pick it up herself.

In an era when many young ladies were climbing the corporate ladder instead of walking down the aisle, this new concept smelled like success. Charlie was the original rebel, but it made it okay for women to smell like women, even if they were dressing like men.

Charlie revitalized the original fragrance by offering additional scents under the Charlie name. The 90’s introduced a wide range of Charlie spinoffs: Blue and Red in ‘93, White in ‘94, Gold in ‘95, and Sunshine in ‘97. Each fragrance has its own bouquet, some a little spicy and Eastern like Gold, or the watery, aquatic-smelling White. At home, in the office, or out on the town, the Charlie name offers refreshing scents for every aspect of a girl’s life.

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