Colored mascara / mousse / gel

Colored mascara / mousse / gel

Fashion Synopsis

Forget black tarantula leg eyes, the 80’s got funky with New Romantics brought their carnival of colors to the daylight, everyone wanted to spice up their looks.

The Nu-Ro trend of streaking hair with colors and painting the face in day-glo shades with bold streaks of makeup bubbled up from the subculture streets to the mainstream public. Cosmetic companies marketed special products that allowed a quick way to achieve the shocking look through temporary colored mascaras, gels and hair mousse. With the flick of a gooby-colored wand, you could transform the dull black eyelashes to disco-flared flags. The wand transferred from eyelashes (and from a short-lived scary fad on the eyebrows) to hair—streaks of color were so very cool. The colored wands could also be dragged through hair for a sassy striped style.

Funky-colored hair became easy with the advent of temporary color products. Now, instead of permanently coloring your hair Cyndi Lauper style, you could squirt in handfuls of colored mousse in firecracker red, eggplant purple, or lime green. Or you could slick in glittery colored gels like Colorific and Pazazz without any concern: the temporary colors washed out, allowing you to try out a new you without any commitments.

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