Chelsea boots / Beatles boots

Chelsea boots / Beatles boots

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Forget about the flat-footed conservative shoe of yesteryear—men of the 60's wore heels. No, not high-heel stilettos, but the square Cuban heel on a pair of ankle boots. This Chelsea style, popularized by the Beatles, fast became the only boot to wear during the mad, mod days of the early 60’s.

Chelsea (or Beatle) boots featured a slim, ankle-high top with a wedge block heel. The boot returned heels to the fashion of men’s boots, which were last seen in the 19th century. The Beatle boot was indeed more delicate than the popular brother creepers and winkle pickers, and looked similar to Victorian ladies’ boots.

The boot was a simple pull-on style, with a slightly pointed toe and a central seam that ran up the middle of the boot from toe to ankle. The Cuban heel was borrowed from the South American gaucho cowboys, but when it was placed upon the dainty upper, the boot was streamlined as opposed to clunky. The Cuban heel gave added height, but more importantly, it gave a flash of style unlike any other shoes or boots.

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