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What to wear when the plan is to dig clams? Clamdiggers, of course! But these straight-legged, mid-calf length pants are for more than just an outing at the beach—they’re a fashion bonanza when shorts are too short, and pants are just too long.

During the wacky beach days of Gidget in the mid-60's, guys and girls needed a carefree pant for strolling the beaches after their days of dancing in the sand. This splashy style was perfect for the new beach/surf culture popularized by the Beach Party movies, and it gave suburban kids an air of Robinson Crusoe when held up with the trendy rope belt.

Before the comfort of clamdiggers, folks rolled their pants up a couple of times to keep them dry when wading in the shallow water for clams…that is, until someone decided to cut and hem their pants at the appropriate length, creating the ultimate in clamming gear.

Now rarely seen in clamming waters, these super fabulous pants rival even the slimmer capris and shorter pedal pushers for title of ‘coolest summer gear.’

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