Cateye glasses

Cateye glasses

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Meow, meow. If boys don’t make passes at girls that wear glasses, then maybe they were blind to the hypnotic stare of the feline frame.

Cat-eye style frames are slightly pointed with upturned ends, much like the slanted eyes of a Siamese cat. The 50’s style cat-eyes are severely styled, usually decorated with jewels or fancy etchings at the sides, with tops like slightly oblonged ovals, or extreme, pointy peaks. Nothing was as sassy as a gum-snapping bobby soxer in her cat-eye glasses and poodle skirt.

Cat-eyes made a big return in the 80's, when sunglasses got wild. Outrageous plastic frames in checkerboard prints and neon colors were even cooler when sharply pointed in an asymmetrical cat-eye style. And when Michelle Pfeiffer’s Catwoman sported a pair in 1992’s Batman Returns, well let’s just say that no self-respecting boy would’ve resisted making a pass at that glasses-wearing girl.

Cat-eyes remain one of the most popular and flattering frame styles for glasses as the design draws the eyes upward, and works well for most face shapes. Pre-contact days, girls were often made to feel self-conscious about wearing glasses, but with a sparkly pair of cat-eyes, you were definitely the cat's meow.

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