Psssssst! dry shampoo

Psssssst! dry shampoo

Fashion Synopsis

Spray, brush, GO!

Psssssst! We've got a secret, and the secret is a miraculous instant shampoo for the girl or boy on the go. Shooting forth from the Psssssst! can, a specially formulated spray coated the hair and absorbed dirt and oil, and with the quick stroke of a brush, impurities were flung right out of your hair. No more wasting time in the shower, or getting all those stinging suds in the eyes…Psssssst! promised beautiful, clean hair in a matter of minutes.

Normal hair? Leave it in for three minutes. Oily hair? Leave it in longer. Need a quick touch-up before you hit the disco? This universal life-saver in an aerosol can traveled with you, guaranteeing a foxy look for tired hair.

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