Pincurl perms

Pincurl perms

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When a trip to the salon just wouldn’t fit in your busy schedule, you could still get an at-home temporary permanent by setting the hair in pincurls. A pincurl was a tiny section of hair curled around your finger and secured with a bobby pin. Most ladies would go to the hair salon to get ‘set,’ a hairstyle that was set in with curlers and heat and would last until the next washing (which was usually the next week, right back in the salon chair). But if the there was no time, or the hair needed a ‘freshening up,’ redoing a few pincurls around the face perked up lackluster hair and kept you presentable until the next appointment.

Pincurls were also called spitcurls because the woman usually dampened her hair with a little bit of saliva as setting lotion before curling it. But proper ladies would never use that vulgar term, what with their aversion to the other ‘s’ word.

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