Plaid pants

Plaid pants

Fashion Synopsis

After the flower power of the 60’s, fashion took a break from the floral fixation and powered up plaid. Polyester plaid flares were the pant of choice when paired with turtlenecks or decal tees. Sears Toughskins were the perpetrators of this bold style: everyone shopped at Sears, and on every rack there were criss-crossed colors of plaid ripe for the pickings.

Plaid is the traditional color-weave for Scottish tartans, but in the 70’s plaid took a turn and went a little crazy. Everything was plaid: head-to-toe plaids were mixed and matched with no sense of pattern or color clash. Scottish band the Bay City Rollers proudly strutted their stuff on “Saturday Night,” turning their tartans into wide-legged flares. The trend had been set.

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