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A little bit of this, a little bit of that, sew it all together and what do you have?

Patchwork and quilting is one of the oldest sewing techniques, and when the hippies resurrected folk art and handicrafts, they embraced the patchwork process. Patchwork is the gathering of scraps of different sizes, colors, shapes and materials sewn together to create one big, eclectic piece.

Patchwork was done on top of jeans, sewn into shirts, and made into clothes. Those less capable simply attached scraps of fabric onto existing garments, but those blessed with the handicraft skill (and patience) made elaborate cornucopias of clothing masterpieces.

Bellbottoms were amass in Raggedy Ann patches; a truly adept hand could embroider the seams, creating marvelous works of textile art in addition to the patchwork. The means of connection became as important and decorative as the juxtaposition of the fabrics themselves. Sew the pieces together with embroidery floss, colored threads, or macramé knotting for the ultimate in vagabond style.

The sky was the limit, and imagination the tool. You could be your own Picasso with the right materials, a little work, and a whole lotta fun.

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