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The pageboy is a classic haircut for women of the 20th century, making strong appearances in the 40’s and 70’s. Named after the hairstyle of young boys known as pages, the under-curled style was worn by 15th century pages to the aristocracy. The hair remained a popular style when it was fashionable for little boys to look like little girls, but changed with the modern century. Little boys developed their own masculine look, and girls adopted the pageboy haircut as a simple but feminine style.

The pageboy was a carefully tended style, cut to frame the face with shoulder-length hair (or a little shorter) and bangs. The pageboy is a flattened hairstyle with the ends curled under and towards the face, which can be achieved through curlers or a curling iron.

In the 40’s, a variation of the banged pageboy arrived in the form of pulled-back bangs. The sides and bottom of the hair still curled under, but the bangs were pulled up and off the forehead and secured with bobby pins or ribbons. The 70's pageboy preferred bangs across the forehead. Why mess with the classics?

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