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Every good girl wore a pair of pearls, just like Mom. June Cleaver was never seen without her single strand, and if there had been a June Jr., she would have received a set of her very own pearls for her sweet sixteen.

Maime Eisenhower wore a single strand of Trifari costume pearls for the inauguration of her husband, U.S. President Dwight Eisenhower, and ladies everywhere emulated the bastion of good taste. Women adored the conservative and exclusive necklace, and thanks to artificial or simulated pearls that were now affordable, every woman wore a delicate strand of pears around her neck.

Pearls were the only accessory to wear with your cashmere sweater or your sweetheart neckline. The style is classic and timeless, and in an age where being a housewife was a role of sophistication, pearls were the obvious accessory.

Jackie Kennedy followed the elegant example of Maime Eisenhower and adopted a single strand of pearls as her signature style. Pearls returned to the classic style of the 60's along with A-line dresses and pillbox hats. They were the last stronghold of convention in the turbulent years of the sexual revolution.

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