Pop it beads

Pop it beads

Fashion Synopsis

The original fad jewelry of the 50’s, pop it beads were cheap plastic bubbles in the style of pearls, with tabs that were easily snapped or ‘popped’ into and out of each other. This inexpensive novelty accessory was one of the first to utilize the new plastic material in costume jewelry.

Want a single strand of beads? No problem, just un-pop as many as you need to get the perfect length, then pop the end tab into the other free end. Need a tight choker or a long, flapper-style strand? Just add less or more—as many or as little as you want. Girls could pool their necklaces together and make all sorts of crazy styles for the neck, arm and ankle. That was the wonder of the pop-it beads: a million different necklaces in one! Now that’s the power of plastic.

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