Pedal pushers

Pedal pushers

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The perfect pant length for riding that bike, pedal pushers were high enough that the cuff wouldn’t get caught in the chain of your Windstar cruiser. No more tucking the loose pantleg into your sock, or even banding it tight to your leg with a rubber band. Nope. With the new pedal pusher pant, you could pedal from coast to coast and not worry about taking a terrible tumble.

Short pants were already in vogue, as girls and boys would roll up the pantleg of their jeans into a wide cuff above the ankle. Now manufactures saved them that extra step. Pedal pusher pants were a shorter version of the popular capris. With straight-cut legs and a more casual fit to just below the knee, pedal pushers were for active gals.

The capri pant revival of the late 90's brought back the entire 'short pant' family, in all its varying lengths: capris, clamdiggers, cigarette pants, and the pedal pusher. And fashion-conscious biking gals once more breathed a sigh of relief.

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