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Playsuits were not for school, not for family dinners, and not for special occasions. As their name suggested, they were for one thing only: after school playtime.

Kids did not run around the neighborhood playing ‘kick the can’ or ‘red rover’ in their nice school clothes. No sir, good clothes would get ruined with grassy knees and dirty shirts. That’s what play clothes were for: you could rough them up as much as you wanted. After all, you were playing weren’t you?

Playsuits were specially crafted one-piece coveralls made just for roughhousing. Made from comfortable but durable fabrics, with easy-on easy-off construction, playsuits were just the thing to make moms happy. After all, she deserved to play a little too, didn’t she? And scrubbing the grass stains from your good school clothes all afternoon was just no fun.

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