Paperboy caps

Paperboy caps

Fashion Synopsis

Extra, extra, read all about it! Paperboy caps crowned the heads of boys across America, and some weren’t even paperboys! The soft crown cap was dubbed a paperboy cap because of the its status as the topper of choice for young boys, and most young boys made a little extra spending money by being paperboys.

The paperboy cap featured a short, rounded brim attached to a pie-shaped crown. The cap fit snugly on the head so that it wouldn't fly off when riding a bike, but could be easily pulled off, bent, and slipped into a back pocket for school.

Whether rain or shine, little boys stood on the corner, hawking the news to passersby. A cap on their head protected them from the hot rays of the sun, and kept them dry under the downpour of rain. And if they needed to run to witness some late-breaking news, the snug cap would stay on. Stop the presses!

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