Pom-pom socks

Pom-pom socks

Fashion Synopsis

Rainbow-striped tube socks too tall for your athletic needs? Try on the cheery pom-pom sock for size. A simple sock that covered just your feet and ended right before the ankle, this opposite extreme of the knee-high tube sock shook things up when it added the colorful yarn pom-pom. This fluffy, colored ball dangled off the back of the socks like the tiny tuft of a rabbit’s furry tail. Nothing made ankles sexier.

In an array of colors, the pom-poms made a great accessory to any outfit. The socks were sold in multiples, with a sampling of three different colored balls to coordinate with your wardrobe. There was no excuse for not matching your yellow Dittos jeans with your yellow swooshed Nikes when you had yellow pom-pom socks at your command.

Too bad they didn’t work with roller skates…unless you had the slip-in metal skates that your normal sneakers could attach to. Then you were styling at the rink just like the rest of the kids in tube socks were, but even cooler.

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