Pencil Tops

Every school desk or pencil case wasn’t complete without the colourful array of the Pencil Tops. Some were rubber efficient others were smellies, some were munch bunch and others just disgusting.


Most of my pencil tops or also known as toppers were of the vegetable kind. I seem to think they were also known as the “Munch Bunch” any way they were certainly all made in Hong Kong as they were all inscribed in moulded plastic – “Made in Hong Kong” on the back.


Pencil Tops

Many of the originals had matching hats that could be taken on and off too. Other versions were made but never looked as well made and the colours were less authentic. Apart from fruit, there were Smurf pencil tops and space rocket ones, there were even ones with weird eyes and long green hair – a type of troll.

So which ones did you have at your school – we want to hear from you below?

6 thoughts on “Pencil Tops

  1. i had loads of these and colour coded them into teams. i used my subbuteo goals and a plastic ball from an old pinball machine. i had to force myself to give it all up else i would never find a girlfriend, luckily their legs tended to come off in crunching tackles.
    i think i was a late developer

  2. Like jsown, I’m after those footballer pencil tops from Hong Kong – the ones with a football under their arm – I had about 30 once upon a time, they came from a (now-closed) toy shop named The Tree House in London. I’m keen to buy any off anyone out there who has some!

  3. OMG! The nostalgia!! I had a whole load of these. Carrots, Cucumbers, Aubergines, Corns, Potatoes, Green Peppers, Onions, Oranges, Grapes, Tomatoes, Strawberries, Bananas, Pineapples and Pears!! I had enough of each to form football teams, rather like ‘shaps’, although I only had nine Aubergines, so when they played they had to have a couple of Carrots, Corns or Cucumbers on loan. I AM a child again!!!!!

  4. I loved these little guys:) They were so rubbery & when I was ‘bored’ in class I would chew off their wee boots, & then their hands! I know!! I had quite a few of these little’ disabled’ guys. I think I bought them at the corner shop.

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