Metal Detectors

Back in the late 70s early 80s there was a gold digging revolution. Anyone who lived near a iron age monument or the beach had one thing on their shopping list…a Metal Detector.

Metal Detectors

Metal Detectors - Clssic Seventies

It was all about massive dreams and hope and the never knowing what might be around the corner scenario that made it so addictive. The many thousands of metal detectorists (as they are known) who enjoy this fascinating hobby claim to reap benefits in a variety of ways; the gain of knowledge about the past, the excitement and pleasure one feels when handling objects which haven’t seen light for years and, of course, the coins and artefacts recovered. The truth of the matter was the excitement of finding some silver kit-kat wrapper or your mums lost metal trowel.


By the time you managed to fine tune it and put the headphones on and then started the waving to and throw across the floor, you’re battery would run out! I believe new models probably don’t act the same way – it’s just ours was a little cheap and unless we unearthed more than a ten ton of metal cans it would never pay for itself, (we were well on the way.)

The Hope
Just when the novelty started to wear thin, there was always a great story in the paper about some chap who found 10 gold coins and is now a millionaire. That was like a severe injection into the hobby as that evening we would be out in some forest living the dream, well living, and cold and – oh lets go home!

For anyone else that remembers this family hobby 20 to 30 years ago all this will probably sound very familiar.

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